Monday, 5 September 2016

Grass seeds: Growing

In room 14 we did an experiment on grass seeds. We had different liquids and poured them into our yoghurt containers. We had 5 different liquids: coke,water,coffee,tea and vegetable oil. There are 5 bowls that contains two containers with the ingredients inside.Today (5th September 2016) we are going to add some more liquid to each container/seed.  The grasses have already started to grow. We hope the grass will grow completely using different liquids!

Our nappy obserbent experiment

Mrs Gunn would like to know the most absorbent nappy for her new baby (whish one holds the most liquid).

I think the most absorbent brand will be the huggies because it has lots of cusioning on the inside and that holds a lot of liquid.


  • Huggies nappies for girls crawlers (6-11kgs).
  • Pams crawlers ultra dry nappies(6-11kgs).
  • Treasure ultra absorbent nappies (4-10kgs).
  • Colured water
  • Measuring cup
  • Container to catch drips
              half cup   1 cup   1and half cup  2 cups  2 and half cups  3 cups
Huggies  yes          yes       yes                 yes       yes                  no
Pams      yes         yes        yes                yes       no                    no
Treasure yes         yes        no                 no         no                    no

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Wacky olympics

On Friday the 19th of August the Vardon School Senior Syndicate had a wacky Olympic activity. Room 14 supported Swaziland and we had to wear colours that represent Swaziland they were red,blue and yellow. The events were discus,counter toss,wheel barrow race and straw javelin. Some people in room 14 won medals, the people were Niketa and Adam.  Niketa won gold and Adam won bronze.We did so much cheering for our team.
My favourite event is counter toss because it was the most difficult and challenging and I love that so I can challenge myself.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Wacky Olympics

Wacky Olympics is where you are competing in a heat and you don't know what the sports are until the day. That's what we're doing at Vardon School on Friday. Our sports were paper plate discus, coin toss, straw javelin and wheelbarrow races. The paper plate discus is similar to Frisbee throwing except with a paper plate. The coin toss is where you have 2 or more counters balanced on your elbow and you throw it and catch it in your hand.The straw javelin is similar to javelin except with straws. Finally the wheelbarrow race was when you got your legs lifted up and you walked on your hands. We had to support a country and ours was Swaziland. We had to find out more about it.


Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The Wacky Olympics

Last Friday on the 19th of August we had an event our teachers set up for us, the WACKY OLYMPICS. Our flag bearers were Ayesha and Niall and our flag bearer was Niketa.
 The first activity was the paper plate discus. First place went to Niketa (rm14), second place went to Latai (rm 13) and third place went to Saskia (rm12). The second activity was straw javelin first place went to Jayden (rm12), second place went to Chanel (rm15) and third place was Seth (rm13). The third activity was wheelbarrow races. First place went to Tyana and Tyra-Leigh (rm15), second place went to Jayden and Conrad (rm12) and third place went to Elvis and Riley (rm15). The last activity was the counter toss. First place went to Seth (rm13), second place was Rico (rm13) and third place was Adam (rm14). I reckon everyone had loads of fun!

Wacky Olympics

Last week on Friday the 19th of August Vardons senior syndicate had their very own Wacky Olympics. The events we had were discus, straw javelin, Wheelbarrow race and counter toss. Discus was in the hall, straw javelin was also in the hall, the wheelbarrow race was out on the field and the counter toss was on the library deck facing the field. For discus we had a paper plate and we had to  throw it like a Frisbee, and then we had to see who could do the furthest throw. For the straw javelin, we had to get our competitors to throw the straw like the discus, and the top three people who got the furthest throw got the gold, silver and bronze medal (as for all the events in our Wacky Olympics) (and also a little paper plate hat with paper leaves on it). In the wheelbarrow race one person had to hold the other person's legs and then they both walk together and need to try get to the end. When they get to the end they swap and try get back to the other side and the fastest people win. And our last event (counter toss) was when our competitors had to get two counters to put on the end of our elbow (fold your arm back first), fling it up and catch with over arm .

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