TRUMP’s are the acronym for the 5 key competencies we study at school.  The 5 key competencies are:


Relating to others

Understanding and using language symbols and texts

Managing self

Participating and contributing

Managing Self

We have been learning about the key competency of M – Managing self.  Managing self is when you look after your belongings, your actions and your learning.  We can be good managers of self when we:

·         Do our home learning every night

·         Keep your tote tray tidy

·         Have all your learning equipment ready for each day

·         Follow instructions the first time they are given

We decided our slogan for managing self would be:
“C’mon Guys Get Organised!”

We will use this slogan to help remind each other when we need to manage self!

Relating to Others

This week we have been learning about the R in TRUMP – Relating to Others. We decided that the best synonym for Relating to Others was friendship.  We discussed in groups what this TRUMP looked like, sounded like and felt like, and created a ‘scene’ (a frozen moment in time) for Mrs Gunn to photograph to show us relating to others.  These have been stuck onto our classroom window.  Come and check them out some time!
Some ways we can relate to others:

·         Helping people when they are upset

·         Lending a hand when things need to be packed away

·         Support others with their learning

·         Being a good friend

In our groups we also came up with some slogans that we could use to help remind others to relate to others in a positive way.  We voted and room 14’s favourite slogan for relating to others is:

 Relating to Others is a saying of our mothers!

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