Monday, 5 September 2016

Our nappy obserbent experiment

Mrs Gunn would like to know the most absorbent nappy for her new baby (whish one holds the most liquid).

I think the most absorbent brand will be the huggies because it has lots of cusioning on the inside and that holds a lot of liquid.


  • Huggies nappies for girls crawlers (6-11kgs).
  • Pams crawlers ultra dry nappies(6-11kgs).
  • Treasure ultra absorbent nappies (4-10kgs).
  • Colured water
  • Measuring cup
  • Container to catch drips
              half cup   1 cup   1and half cup  2 cups  2 and half cups  3 cups
Huggies  yes          yes       yes                 yes       yes                  no
Pams      yes         yes        yes                yes       no                    no
Treasure yes         yes        no                 no         no                    no

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