Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The Wacky Olympics

Last Friday on the 19th of August we had an event our teachers set up for us, the WACKY OLYMPICS. Our flag bearers were Ayesha and Niall and our flag bearer was Niketa.
 The first activity was the paper plate discus. First place went to Niketa (rm14), second place went to Latai (rm 13) and third place went to Saskia (rm12). The second activity was straw javelin first place went to Jayden (rm12), second place went to Chanel (rm15) and third place was Seth (rm13). The third activity was wheelbarrow races. First place went to Tyana and Tyra-Leigh (rm15), second place went to Jayden and Conrad (rm12) and third place went to Elvis and Riley (rm15). The last activity was the counter toss. First place went to Seth (rm13), second place was Rico (rm13) and third place was Adam (rm14). I reckon everyone had loads of fun!

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