Monday, 1 August 2016

Healthy Eating Session

Last week, the 29th of July, Room 14 had a healthy eating session with Dianne, from Project Energise. We learnt about the four food groups, which are: Grain foods (Go! to make you go quicker and stronger), Vegetables and fruit ( Glow! To have healthy skin), Milk products(Grow! To grow taller) and meat and meat alternatives (Grow! To grow taller). Here are some foods from the healthy eating list that you should put nearly two servings in your lunch boxes. In Grain foods (that are healthy) there is: sandwich,homemade muffins,crackers and just plain popcorn, in fruits and vegetables there are: carrot sticks, apple,banana,dried fruits and some cucumber slices, milk products: yoghurt,cheese,creamed rice and a carton of low fat milk and the meat and meat alternatives you should have: ham, tuna, nuts, boiled egg and beans. And chips, fizzy drinks and other salty and sugary foods, are just treats, so stay healthy everybody and eat the healthy foods above. Thanks Project Energise.

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