Monday, 4 July 2016

Clay sculptures

The last couple of weeks we have been using clay because our focus for our big idea is creative explores.
We each got a small lump of clay that we used to get our techniques right. The next day we all made a pinch pot in class, it was lots of fun.
Then we got a giant lump of clay that we used to make our main sculpture everyone had lots of ideas for their main sculpture.
(Here are some photos of some sculptures we made :)

Friday, 1 July 2016

Clay Sculpture.

What I'm creating is a budgie that is free.
My Title of my sculpture is I Believe I can fly,my message is that every bird can fly and be free.
I have enjoyed using all the techniques to smooth,shape and design my sculpture.
The trickiest part was carefully taking the clay off my ice cream container cause it kept ripping off.

clay sculptures

1.  For my clay sculpture I did a bed with a boy reading on it.
2. My clay sculpture's title is Books Galore! The message of my sculpture is that books are good for you.
3. What I enjoyed the most so far is pushing the garlic presser with the clay in it because it felt really squishy.
4.The trickiest bit so far is getting the clay off the rolling pin without breaking it.

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