Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Wig Wednesday

Today is WIG WEDNESDAY! Some people brought wigs to school to help out the people who are struggling with cancer like a student at our school. So we wore wigs and brought a gold coin donation to school. We all look funky!!!!

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Wheels day (Bike course)

Last week , Friday the 17th of June, we had Wheels day! The Middles we're in the first block,seniors second block and the juniors in the last block. The bike course had cones to go round, ramps to go over, bumpy wood to go over and even a thing like a seesaw to go over (which was very tricky). We had loads of fun doing this!

Monday, 20 June 2016

Wheels Day Scooter Course

Last week on Friday we had Wheels Day! The scooter course was fun, there were cones to go around and jumps to go over! Some people swapped their scooters to see how good other people's scooters are!
Here are some photos:

Friday, 10 June 2016

Flox Artwork Reflection

1.My artwork is created by Sugar paper,stencils,paint and to create it I simply coloured the background green you could do any colour you want but I chose green and when it was dry I painted on a Tui bird,then my leaves and last but not least I did my flax leaves and when that's all dry and ta-da! your master piece is finished.
 2.The easiest part was my background because you just had to colour it all over then let it dry easy! 3.The most difficult part was my flax because it had been already used and had wet paint I tried to to wipe it down with paper but it didn't work and it got everywhere on my artwork.
 4.What I like the most is my bird because it's my FAVOURITE! bird I love.
 5.All I would change is my flax because it's everywhere on my artwork.

Flox artwork reflection

 To make our Flox art we had to use paint, stencils and sponges.
The easiest part was the sponge part.
The most difficult part would've have to of been going around the stencil in sponge.
The part I liked most was the ferns.
If I could change something I'd change my stencil.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Museum Visit

Last week room 14 went to the Hamilton Museum to look at a famous art designer named Zena Elliott.
At the museum we were looking at Zena Elliott's amazing art.
I learnt that her art means different things each and everyone that she's done.It has bright colors and lines also she is a quiet person and really likes doing her art mostly.
My FAVORITE part was making my own little pou because you can have your own little message and my message was love

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