Monday, 30 May 2016

Poetry Week

Poetry  week

In Vardon school we do poetry week every year during the Winter season( In the middle of                           term two) So here is a poem we thought would suit the season.

 Winter Is Warmest

Winter is the warmest season,
Oh, you say you want a reason

Is it warm when snow piles high and wide?
It is when you're bundled up inside

When it's storming, when it's raining,
I stay indoors without complaining.

Other people like to ski,
or sled down a hill, but not me

While you're bundling up in a jacket,
I'm tearing up a hot cocoa packet

I don't mind summer,
I'll make that clear, but winters my favourite time of the year.

Flox artwork

This term we have been working on Flox-Hayley king
First we put on our first coat then our second coat the next day.
This is what to turned out to be:

Monday, 23 May 2016

Museum Trip

In week 5 (in the morning) room 14 are going to the Hamilton Museum to learn about and do a piece of artwork like Zena Elliot's art. This term we are learning about famous artist. Last week we learnt about Flox (Hayley King). In Flox's artwork (at the top of all her art) there is a blank space in the middle at the top. Most of her artwork is on a circle. Flox makes things like

  1. T-shirts,  
  2. Wall stickers   

And in stickers in your house, or wherever you want!

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Flox the artist

Flox is a type of artist and we have been studying her for a few week. We have been studying flox so we can create our own piece of artwork and to get to know her better. Her real name is Hayley King and she is a stencil and spray paint artist. Flox travels around the world to do her artwork.Hayley King was in Hamilton last week because she was painting the Hamilton library.

Flox the Artist

Flox is a artist and we have been studying about her for a few weeks. We have been studying Flox to learn how to do her amazing artwork and to get to know her better. She is a stencil spray paint artist and goes by the name Flox but actually her real name is Hayley King. Flox travels the world like Samoa,Auckland and much more places and last week she came to Hamilton and did a mural on

the back of the Hamilton Library It looks amazing!

Friday, 13 May 2016

Green Fingers

Today Mrs Boyce came in  to do green fingers with Nisha and Poppy. To tidy room 14's garden. we went to bunnings warehouse to bye flowers for our garden we got.

  • Stock mixed dwarfs
  • Alyssum
  • cyclamen
  • pansy
  • polanthus
organic grasses

Our garden looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!
Thank you  Mrs Boyce

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Meeting The Artist Flox

Hi my name is Hayley King I heard you were going to ask me some questions? Today Alazae and Cameron are chosen to meet a very special artist named Hayley King. (Flox) As we got in the car park, we walked to where Flox was doing her mural.When we got there Alazae was excited and Cameron was nervous, we saw her and one of her helpers on a HUGE cherry picker. It was so high! Then Flox saw us and waved hello, we waved back. After five minutes of waiting and taking photos of her doing art on the cherry picker she finally came down and introduced herself and told us to walk in this big garage, where she keeps all her spray paints. It was then time to ask her some questions for our school studying, We had to introduce ourselves and ask her 38 different questions but we didn't get even close to catching up to the questions. Once we had finished we went outside in front of the cherry picker and took a couple of photos with her and also got her autograph in our topic book.Then we said our goodbyes and did our last few photos of her going up on the cherry picker then walked to the car park and came back to Vardon . WOW that was such an amazing experience!

Monday, 9 May 2016

Winter Sports

This term we have been doing Winter Sports so far room 14 have been doing hockey.
In hockey we learnt the Indian dribble, close hold dribble and short pass dribble.
We played a game where Dianne from Project Energise called out a  number and then the number she said is how many people had to go and play hockey to try get a goal! Halfway through she started saying things like 2 + 3 and we had to solve it and that's how many people had to go out we had to run around the goal and out to the ball we had to try to get the ball over the out or into the goal. 

Cartoon characters

In room 14 we did a little art practise, with cartoon characters. The person who did it on the TV screen  (that showed us how to do it)was someone from Ted talk. There we're people called names like spike, Jeff. Pam and even Einstein! Some people had moustaches! We had a lot of fun drawing these. They may look hard but there really not! :) :) :)

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