Thursday, 31 March 2016

Team building at Karapiro

Room 14 and 12 went to lake Karapiro on the 22nd of March so that we can learn education outside the classroom.

My favourite activity was the Kayaking because I haven't done it before and it was a cool experience and the instructor told us how to be safe in the water.

The trickiest challenge was the team building games with Dianne because we had to do a lot of hard team work. 

When I did the kayaking I was scared at first but Kerin the instructor helped me overcome my fear of kayaking. Then I was happy again that was all thanks to Kerin.

It was important to listen to the instructor about how to stay safe in the water.And how to paddle properly by putting your right hand on the bump on your paddle you've chosen.


Last week on Tuesday the 22nd of March Room 14 and Room 12 went to Karapiro.We had lots of different activities we had raft building with Mr Cowie and Michelle. Kayaking with Kerin and Rachel. And aqua slide with Andrew and Maea's mum.Archery with Anton and Amelie's mum and Sophie's dad. And last but not least team building with Dianne. There were three groups that children from room 12 and 14 got split into , there we're about 18 kids in each group.We had the BEST time EEEVVVVEERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!.


Mrs Perry Leaving

Last week Thursday our office lady Mrs Perry left because she retired. She has been at Vardon School for over 30 years. We all had an assembly for her, she got lots of presents from the whole school. The whole vardon school will miss her and it will not be the same without her support.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Our Collaboration task

In room 14 we had to do a collaboration task.What we had to do was get into our animal groups and elect different roles. We had to make a tower out of four pieces of sugar paper. We had to work together in our animal groups to make the highest tower . We were allowed to use exactly one meter of tape and also we could use pencils scissors 1 meter rulers, normal rulers, in other words everything to do with craft apart from decorations. We had to collaborate (work as a team) to make the tallest tower possible.

Our Trip

Tomorrow room 14 and room 12 is going to lake Karapiro we are going to do 5 different activities

  1.  raft building
  2. artery 
  3. kayaking 
  4. team building
  5. aqua slide
We are going to be spilt into 3 groups of 16.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Swimming Sports

Last week on Friday the Senior Syndicate went to Te Rapa pools for . . . SWIMMING SPORTS!!!
There were 3 different races, Medley, Lengths and Widths. Swimming Sports was the best day ever. After all the races including the relay we had FREE TIME SWIM!!
Here are some pictures of swimming sports:

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Assembly reflection

Last Friday week 5  room 14 had their assembly and the whole syndicate was there even the parents.

I had shared discussion buddies sharing and  falling art work.

My favourite part was being the host with Niall because I say parts of the assembly script and talk through the microphone.

I would change the audience with only every ones bestie there and the parents still there.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Our Assembly

Last week on the fourth of March , we had our assembly. We had to practise our special dance for two and a half weeks. The things we shared at our assembly were our falling artwork,selfie writing.skits,some blog posts and a Whakatauki. The Whakatauki we shared was He Ora Te whakpiri, he mate Te Whakatariri, in English that mean there is strength in unity,defeat in anger. The most exciting thing I think the whole class also thought was exciting was the dance because we had so much fun practising and doing the dance.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Selfie Writing

In Room 14 we made selfies the old fashion way. We had to draw ourselves on a piece of paper shaped like a phone but the size of a tablet. We had to pretend we were talking to Mrs Gunn and answer some questions like how old are you and when's your birthday, what's your favourite food, how was your summer ,what are your goals this year, what makes you special.

Tabloids Sports

Last week on Friday was tabloids sports. It was super fun. We did an egg and spoon race,sponge race,parachute and many more activities. At the end of tabloids we did tug of war and the rope is hard to grip onto because you get rope burn.
our tug of war team.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Discussion buddies

  1.What is the best thing that happened to you last week?
      Poppy said I got to play with my friends.

  2.What is your favourite thing at school and why?
     Poppy said maths because she is good at it.

  3.What sports do you like to play?
     Poppy said Soccer.
  4.What do you like to do in the weekend?
     Poppy said she likes to go swimming.

 5.what talents or personality traits do you have that you have that you can bring to our classroom?
    laminating and use a hot glue gun.
    And I think that Poppy makes a great student councillor.

      Masyn Keenan

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Discussion buddies


              last week Manaia went to the museum and she had fun. 
              Manaia's favourite subject is reading because it's fun. 
              Manaia's favourite game is Wylie's Prisoners.
              Manaia likes to go swimming in the weekend. 
              Manaia is really good at reading.
              I think of Manaia as kind funny and a good discussion                       buddy. 


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