Monday, 29 February 2016

Discussion Budies

1.The best thing happened to Jared last week is he finished his karate.
2. Jared's favourite subject at school is writing, because he can write about his imagination.
3. Jared's favourite sport is soccer.
4.In the weekend, Jared like to practise his karate.
5.Jared's personality traits he can bring to the classroom is a dog.
6.One thing I admire about Jared is he knows karate.

Discussion Buddies

The best thing that happen to Alex last week was playing
Alex's favourite subject at school is maths because he likes to learn more equations.
Alex's favourite sport is running because he is fast.
Alex's favourite  thing to do in the weekend is playing with Jordan.M.
The thing that Alex brings to the classroom is happiness.
The thing that i admire about Alex is that he is helpful.


Collaboration buddy

The best ting that happened to Jordan was that he got to level 50 in

Jordan's favourite subject is spelling because  he is  good at it.

Jordan's favourite game to play outdoors is capture the flag .

On the weekend Jordan likes to climb the hakaramatas and play

The talents that Jordan brings to the class is tech and spelling.

I admire Jordan because he is always there to help. 

by Adam

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Discussion Buddies

Jordan.W liked last week when math started.
He loves math because of the blocks.
Jordan.W most favourite  
sport is capture the flag.
Jordan likes to play Uno the card game in the weekend.
His best talent that he brings to the classroom is definitely his drawing skills.
And last of all the best thing about him is that he never gives up.

Tin Foil Art

In room 14 we have been working on Tin foil art. Yes i know you're probably wondering what that is. Its this

What you need is wool , a small piece of coloured cardboard paper , PVA glue, spray glue , tin foil ,a small square of felt and coloured sharpies, newspaper and a cotton bud.

Steps to make : 

  • First write your name on the cardboard paper in pencil anyway you like and a little embellishment 
  • Then get the PVA glue and wool go over your name with the wool  and PVA glue  so your name is written in wool then let it dry completely dry
  • Put the newspaper down and spray glue you art then put the tin foil at the bottom of your art make sure it is shiny side facing up use your piece of felt as a polisher and polish it down if there are any small spaces the can't fit it in to then use your cotton bud
  • The very next step is to be creative ADD COLOUR!!you can do any colours you want and any patterns with different colour felts or sharpies 
  • Then it should look something like this.

Class Treaty

In Room 14 we made a class treaty
We all agreed to follow these rules at all times whenever we are at school.
1.We will listen to and follow instructions.
2.We will include everyone so they feel they belong.
3.We will treat class property with respect.
4. We will focus on our own learning at all times.
5. We will show the 4r's at all times.
6. We will use our manners.

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