Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Fence Palings

This year Vardon School has decided from starting this year and onwards, all the year sixes will be painting fence palings. Mr Peachy will be hammering the palings around the edge of the school until there no more space for the palings. these palings are to remember the year sixes that have been to this school. next year more year sixes will paint fence palings and so on.  

Art club panles

This term some people were selected to be in a art club.In the art club we were making art pales of a culture that we had done in the Production so we had the Maori group, the Pacific Island group, the south Africa group,the Asian group and the Indian group.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Road Patrol Funday

This Friday is going to be road patrol fun day for the YR 6 Road Patrols are going to water world for all there hard work standing out side making shore the cars slow down and every one crosses safely. At water world we get to go on the hydro slides inflatable obstacle courses and we can have a sausage sizzle.

Year 5/6 split

As it is coming to the end of the year, usually the year 5s and year 6s split up;  the year 6s to do a dance and year 5s to make a gift for them. We now have 2 more weeks to finish off or dance/gift. The year 5's will give their  gift to the years 6's on the 11th of december and the year 6's will show the year 5's there dance that means that the year 5's will be the first ones to see the dance. We are all VERY excited. If you want you can come to the end of year assembly, on Friday the 17th of December.

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