Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Year 6 Fence Panels

Before the year 6 students leave the school they are making a project so that people can remember them, The year 6's had to draw a portrait of them selves and what they wear and all the details of them selves. But before they did that a couple of students had sanded and painted a piece of wood for every year 6 in the school. Then the senior classes drew their plans but instead of the year 5's doing it on a panel the did it on a piece of paper to hang up as artwork in their class. Then the year 6's started on there panels, Here is some photos of the art work:

hey had to do a pencil mark on it first but when Mrs D thought that it was perfect then we started painting them. Room 15 and 14 worked together to finished them and later on room 12 and 13 will work together to start and finish theirs. Here are some photos of room 14 and 15's panels

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