Monday, 23 November 2015


In room 14, we have been doing measurement. In measurement we have been learning about capacity, volume, litres and millilitres. We were taught that capacity means: If there was a mug and it was being filled with water and it got to the top and that would be the amount of capacity. Volume means how much is inside as if there were a bottle and you filled it up to 700 millilitres that would be the volume. Here are some pictures to show you what have been doing with measurement:

Monday, 16 November 2015

Dream Job Competition

In New Zealand there is a competition called the dream job competition were you write and draw on a form your dream job.In class people did jobs such as: dinosaur park designers, lifeguards, inventors and loads more. Mrs Gunn sent them off today, lets hope that one of our classmates will win because the prize is epic. The prizes are a $15,000  dream job maker lab for your school and also a laptop for your teacher, and a $5,000 holiday for you and your family. So if you are an adult make sure your kid wins!!! Here are some photos of our class entries:


Ever since the first week of the term the seniors and middles have been training for athletics. The sports in athletics that we have to train for is long jump, sprints, high jump and throwing. In the seniors  Mrs Gunn does throwing Miss Wolf does sprints, Miss Wyllie does high jump and Miss Dravitski does long jump. last week our class had to set up goals to beat at athletics.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015


 Last week we were practising athletics. My favourite sport is throwing because I throw over 30 meters. My goal is to jump higher then 1.20 meters in high jump.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Year 6 Fence Panels

Before the year 6 students leave the school they are making a project so that people can remember them, The year 6's had to draw a portrait of them selves and what they wear and all the details of them selves. But before they did that a couple of students had sanded and painted a piece of wood for every year 6 in the school. Then the senior classes drew their plans but instead of the year 5's doing it on a panel the did it on a piece of paper to hang up as artwork in their class. Then the year 6's started on there panels, Here is some photos of the art work:

hey had to do a pencil mark on it first but when Mrs D thought that it was perfect then we started painting them. Room 15 and 14 worked together to finished them and later on room 12 and 13 will work together to start and finish theirs. Here are some photos of room 14 and 15's panels

Monday, 2 November 2015

Debate on our school pool

At vardon school we have had a few problems with our pool, So Mrs Paton has sent out a form where you answer some questions about whether we should keep the pool or demolish it. Everybody gets a say in it like the community,Our families,Caregivers and others. There are problems with the pool but the big problem is that the concrete around the pool isnt leveled so we need to get that fixed. If you prefer the pool to stay and get it rebuild the cost we be over $60,000 and if you choose to have it demolished then students won't be able to learn to swim cause if they're in a situation where there surrounded by water and there in trouble they won't know how to swim because they never learnt because there school pool got demolished. So before you make your decision you should think about the students safety and how it would affect them.

The Rugby World Cup 2015

If you did not watch the final game of the Rugby World Cup 2015, don't read this post. If you did carry on reading. We Won the cup. New Zealand has won 2011, and 2015's Rugby World Cups, We are 1stly the 1st country to win the RWC back to back, and to win 3 times. We are very proud of our Boys in Black aren't we NZ, this is one of the songs NZ made up to support the boys:
                                                                           Simply just type up, Team Ball Player Thing into youtube.

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