Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Captain Carrot and Bisket

In Room 14 We had some non-human visitors, they were Shelby's bunnies!There were two, Captain Carrots, and Bisket. Their breed is Mini Lops, and they love to eat apples,carrots,parsley,spinach, grass, hay and lettuce. Captain Carrots is the black and white bunny and Bisket is the black bunny.Sometimes when they are in the corner of the inside bit of their hutch they sit on each other, just not all the time though . Captain Carrots and Bisket loves running around our big blow up pool. They also like running in a straight line in between our herbs garden and little trees (the little trees are about 8 inches tall)We all find it very amusing when they run around(we should call them both Usain Bolt)They love running around as much as they like to nibble on things because they don't really like being cooped in a small area. Here are some photos of these cute little Bunnies.

Captain Carrots


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