Saturday, 6 June 2015

Our School Assembly

On the 5th of June room 14 had there class assembly.We did lots of things such as dance,sing,share learning and more. Our favourite part of the assembly was the brain break dance-Dynamite.On this movie there is a video of us doing it and we also shared netball and Soccer skills,individual and class poems,war letters,poppy art and sign language songs that we learnt in class.We really enjoyed our assembly, please watch our video of our assembly!!!.

Last week we had our assembly.One favourite part was when our class did the brain break because I love to dance. I also liked doing the soccer skills skit because o got to kick the ball around. One of the scary things i did was being the host of the assembly. But the best thing was having morning tea!
From Jack
The best part was the morning tea because we had lots of yummy food and the soccer skills.
From Ollie

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