Monday, 29 June 2015

Our Transpiration Experiment

Recently, room 14, tried an experiment to see if we could see a plant doing transpiration!!! Guess What, we were able to see what it looks like, why don't we show you:
Here are some steps if you want to do this Experiment:


  • 1 large bag
  • 1 rubber band
  • 1 plant

  1. Find a sturdy plant.
  2. Get you bag and put it on top of you plant. DO NOT BRAKE OFF THE STEM! 
  3. If you have a tight rubber, then just wrap it on the bag once, make sure know air can get in or out
Watch your plant as the condensation comes along and if that happens then you did this right .

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Our Seven Sharp Interview!

Yesterday was our big day!  We were videoed and interviewed for the Seven Sharp about our amazing book that we helped Doug Wilson to write.  Here are our reflections on our big day:

What was your favourite part of the day?
Poppy:  When we got our own copy of the book!
Manaia:  When we got recorded to go on T.V.
Oliver: Getting the books
We all loved that we were able to read the book and find our names written there!

Who did you enjoy meeting the most and why?
Ashlee:  I enjoyed meeting everyone because it was really exciting
Leah:  I enjoyed meeting everyone, but particularly meeting Doug again because he is so good with children.
Makayla:  I enjoyed meeting Sharpie the camera because it looked really cool
Jack: I enjoyed meeting Dave the cameraman because he had all this cool technology and because he gave me a fist pump!

What thing will you remember for the rest of your lives do you think?
Alex:  I will remember being on T.V.
Dhrumin:  I will remember meeting Doug Wilson the most
Niall: Being on T.V. and meeting Doug Wilson
Jared: Being on T.V. and possibly being in the next book - the sequel!
Debbie:  The year 7's who came back to be a part of it.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Compass direction and co-ordinates on a graph.

The last few weeks Room 14 has been working on compass directions and co-ordinates on a graph. For example we had a sheet with a graph on it and we had to put a dot where we thought the dot needed to be the teacher gave us co-ordinates so we could find the place where the dot. For the compass directions we had to follow what directions the teacher gave us for example go north east 5 squares. Here is a photo.

Good Friends And Bad Friends

In our class community circle we have been learning about the differences of being a good friend and a bad friend. We split into our animal groups with a piece of paper and strip of paper with a sentence that either  a good friend or a bad friend would do. Here are some photos of us working together to make a poster:                                                                      



Finished Poster

Monday, 15 June 2015

Doug Wilson News

Before post
In 2014 room 14 meet a famous author called Doug Wilson, after we meet him he decided to write a story of us about when we go on camp. He sent a draft to us and we read about a new government taking over New Zealand, room 14 had to do lots of things to get the old government back. Now time for the exciting news, Room 14 gonna be on T.V with seven sharp!!!!!!! There going to interview us about Doug Wilson and how we meet him. Here is some photos of the books he has written, and our VERY FAVOURITE series about Tom Erkle Erkle Fartball Hassler:

The Whale Killers

The Rats Of Droolmoan Cave
Snake Haven

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Our School Assembly

On the 5th of June room 14 had there class assembly.We did lots of things such as dance,sing,share learning and more. Our favourite part of the assembly was the brain break dance-Dynamite.On this movie there is a video of us doing it and we also shared netball and Soccer skills,individual and class poems,war letters,poppy art and sign language songs that we learnt in class.We really enjoyed our assembly, please watch our video of our assembly!!!.

Last week we had our assembly.One favourite part was when our class did the brain break because I love to dance. I also liked doing the soccer skills skit because o got to kick the ball around. One of the scary things i did was being the host of the assembly. But the best thing was having morning tea!
From Jack
The best part was the morning tea because we had lots of yummy food and the soccer skills.
From Ollie

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Maori Phrase

Recycled Poetry

TRUMP's - Are you on the waka?

One of the Kete we created

Here is a waka ready for the earnt paddles to be attached

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