Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Mrs Gunns surprise party

Last week was Mrs Gunns birthday so today we gave her a surprise party. We did it today because every Tuesday Mrs Gunn has a meeting which means we had a longer time to set up. some of us had to bring in some party gear others needed to distract Mrs Gunn from coming inside and then we had some people setting up the party gear that people brought. We had to blow up balloons, hang stringers and also some people made a -giant happy birthday sign. Leah made a pink cake and Mrs Gunn had chocolate to go with it. Mrs Gunn said she new we were up to something. Makayla brang some marshmallow. When Mrs Gunn came into the room we throw stringers at her and said surprise! Today has been a fun day so far.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Room 14's Poppy Art

In room 14 we are making beautiful poppy art. First we had to get a piece of paper and soaked it in coffee and tea.  Then we started on our poppies we made them by painting cardboard red and using string to weave. After that we made our paper poppies we cut out black paper in a circle and wrapping paper in a circle and red paper in a circle and then put then together. We made our green paper by painting paper green and making marks in it with a fork. Once our paper was dry we wrote our letter on it and then glued it all together. If you want to listen to our letters go onto our individual blogs.  This is a fully finished piece of poppy art:
 These are some pictures of us making our poppies:

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

I am important

The important thing about Tyla is that she loves her family Tyla is funny exiting and cool Tyla likes to play soccer play around and play outside but the important thing about Tyla is that she loves her family.

Monday, 18 May 2015

ANZAC laying wreath

On the  25th of April 2015 the student councillors went to a wreath laying ceremony. Ocean and Oliver were the wreath layers and all the other student councillors went to stand and watch. At the wreath laying ceremony we got to hear gun and it gave all the student councillors a fright. At the end  we got to hear the last post it is a sad song. We got to see a solider and look at his badges.

Room 14 Green Fingers

In room 14 the green fingers (Leah, Amelia, and Jack) are learning how to plant plants properly and which plants make our garden look beautiful.  Mrs Boyce (Mrs Gunn's mum) helps us with our beautiful garden, she tells use what to do and how to do it, and she always uses her own money to pay for plants for our garden. Thank you Mrs Boyce!!! The green fingers are so excited to be planting and researching new plants to put in the garden. These are some cool photos of our amazing garden:

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