Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Filed of rememberance

Yesterday we made crosses for our field of remembrance. We had to get a box delivered of wood,stickers of poppy flowers,nails and double sided tape.We had to make sure the two holes were at the bottom of the big piece of wood and then put the poppy flower sticker at the top of the wood then we had to put the doubled sided tape under the sticker and then we had to peel of the top and stick the small piece of wood on and put the sticker of the people who died in world war 1 of Gallopli. We did this because it has been 100 years so the world war one of  Gallopli.  And to remember the people who sacrificed their life for us to live free with no other countries telling us to do this and do that. Our field of remembrance is going in the press news paper. From Jack and Shelby.

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