Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Presentation of the year 6 dance and the year 5 gift

On Monday we had our special sharing time to each other.  The year 5's were very lucky, and got to be the first audience for the year 6's dance.  It was amazing, we were so impressed with thier wonderful performance.  Then the year 5's presented a special gift that they have been working on for weeks.  A special hanging mobile just for them which included things like the first letter of their first name and a 3D items which shows things that they are into.  Here are some photos of our special afternoon!

Monday, 8 December 2014

Secret Santa

This Friday Room 14 is going to have a secret Santa. Secret Santa is when we give presents to a class mates,we normally have it around the end of the year or term.We are only aloud to buy them something under $5.00 dollars or it could be hand made. It give us a chance to know some one better and its a nice thing to do.  this our Tree for now.

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