Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Buddy Day

It takes a community to look after a child 

How it works

Before their ‘big day out’ in the city,  ‘Buddies’ are dressed, decorated, and given a name and story by children from schools and childcare centres. The conversations with the kids are around what does a child needs to be happy and healthy, and have a sense of belonging….
As well as having hundreds of Buddies out and about in the city, Buddy Day plays out minute by minute online through Facebook and Twitter as Buddy ‘Carers’ share photos and stories of their experiences. Letting everyone know what their Buddy’s been up to throughout the day

Room 14 and Room 2 have been busy planning out the designs for our four buddy children.  Here are photos of us working in our groups and the designs of our buddies.  We are going to create a:

  • Summer beach loving child
  • Mexican exchange student
  • BMX'er
  • Soccer star

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