Thursday, 31 July 2014

Artwork - Rubber Band Resist

Today the group who stays behind during kapahaka time started a new art focus - resist art!  As a group we discuss what the word resist means and how this works in terms of art work.  We will be completing three, project variations over the next three weeks which we will display together. 

We had heaps of fun create the first project today, particularly loving getting to wear rubber gloves!  Have a look below to see what we did and some photos of what we have created:


Project # 1: Rubber Band Resist
  • Step One Fold one sheet of paper around your chipboard
  • Step Two Start wrapping rubber bands around the paper/chipboard to create a pattern of lines. The more rubber bands the better!

  • Step Three Combine liquid watercolor with water in a shallow container. You want your color to be semi saturated so add a good squeeze of paint.
  • Step Four Dab a sponge in the paint, squeeze out a little excess water but not all of it, then press the sponge on your rubber band art. You can use different colors or just one color. Be careful to press down rather than rub the surface of the paper. If you rub or move the sponge back and forth you’ll move paint under the rubber bands and lose the resist effect.

  • Step Five Turn over and repeat the process on the backside.
  • Step Five Let your art dry. When dry, remove the rubber bands and open the artwork to see the resist effect.

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