Thursday, 31 July 2014

Artwork - Rubber Band Resist

Today the group who stays behind during kapahaka time started a new art focus - resist art!  As a group we discuss what the word resist means and how this works in terms of art work.  We will be completing three, project variations over the next three weeks which we will display together. 

We had heaps of fun create the first project today, particularly loving getting to wear rubber gloves!  Have a look below to see what we did and some photos of what we have created:


Project # 1: Rubber Band Resist
  • Step One Fold one sheet of paper around your chipboard
  • Step Two Start wrapping rubber bands around the paper/chipboard to create a pattern of lines. The more rubber bands the better!

  • Step Three Combine liquid watercolor with water in a shallow container. You want your color to be semi saturated so add a good squeeze of paint.
  • Step Four Dab a sponge in the paint, squeeze out a little excess water but not all of it, then press the sponge on your rubber band art. You can use different colors or just one color. Be careful to press down rather than rub the surface of the paper. If you rub or move the sponge back and forth you’ll move paint under the rubber bands and lose the resist effect.

  • Step Five Turn over and repeat the process on the backside.
  • Step Five Let your art dry. When dry, remove the rubber bands and open the artwork to see the resist effect.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Winning the colouring competition

Today it was assembly and we all went then this lady and Jimmy Jumper came in the assembly  for the winning price and the lady said Debbie Raina and it was me I was very shy because I had to stand in front of everyone and then I got to take a super cool picture with Jimmy Jumper. I was so proud of myself.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Our Commonwealth Games Learning

Sweet Tweets - building our class commmunity

This term we will be undertaking a ‘sweet tweet’ community circle task.  We wanted to build on the person outline task we did in term 1 in our learning logs to further strengthen our class community and to build our class culture even more.  The person outline task we did during the first weeks of this year involved us each writing a special message to each class member around their person outline in their learning logs.  This helped to break the ice, and get each of us to think about each member in our new class and appreciate what we knew about them then.  This really helped each student to feel welcome in our class.

This term Mrs Gunn wanted to do something similar as we are about half way through the year, and we now know more about each other.  This is where the 'Sweet Tweets' idea came from.  Each day we will need to choose one classmate to observe and think about.  Our exit pass for each day is to have written a sweet message for that classmate.  We then record our initials in the grid on the cube under the board.

Our learning intention with this activity is:
  • To notice the great things about each of the members of our class
  • Show appreciation for the things that our class mates do and say
  • Understand why it is important to tell other what we appreciate about them
  • Feel a sense of belonging to our class community
  •  Everyone getting that 'feel good' feeling upon reading their messages from others

During our first community circle for week 1, we discussed this and the purpose of the task.  We also discussed what kinds of things we will be looking for in our class mates, (linking these into our 4R’s and TRUMP’s etc) and how we need to be specific.  Children will be encouraged to write up ideas on paper for the board.  Come check it out in Room 14 and have a chat about how it’s going with a member of our class.

Here are some photos from our first 'sweet tweet' session:

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Prior Knowledge - Excellence and the Commonwealth Games

Today we started our new Social Sciences unit on Excellence.  We will be looking at what excellence is through many different subjects and activities, but will start by looking at it through sport during the Commonwealth Games.  We started today by looking at what we already knew about this topic through some focus questions such as:
What is Excellence?
How is Excellence measured?
What is the Commonwealth Games?
What sport are performed at the Commonwealth Games?

We made appointments with 7 different classmates and met and discussed what we thought the possible answers to each of these question might be.  We recorded these in our topic books and will look back on these at the end of the unit to see how our thinking has changed.

Here are some photos of us working during our appointments:

Monday, 7 July 2014

Our Class Assembly

On the last day of term was our class assembly.  We had a great time sharing our learning for the term about space!  Watch the video below to see out performance.  A big 'Thank you' to Leah's granddad for videoing this for us :)

New Thinking - The Commonwealth Games - Our before learning knowledge

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Making Appointments - Leanring from our classmates!

Today we completed an activity called 'appointments' during our science lesson for our space topic.  It is a thinking activity which involved us learning off each other.  For the last three weeks we have been completing a project on one of the planets.  This activity made has put what we had learnt into practise!  We all made appointments with others who had studies different planets so we could learn more about the planets we hadn't studied.  We really enjoyed learning off each other and had a great time working with lots of different classmates.  Check out some photos of us discussing below:

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