Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Space Learning Rotations

Today Mrs Gunn got us to complete 7 station activities. The centers activities focused on the planets, Sun-Earth-Moon system, and patterns of change in space.

These stations helped us to learn more about space and things in our universe.  Here is what each station was about:

Read It: read 3 information cards and identify the physical features of the Sun, our moon, and Earth.

Create It:  use materials available to show how the sun appears to move across the sky due to Earth rotating on its axis.

Tech It:  watch two video clips and take online quizzes.

Match It: match Patterns of Change cards to Description Cards, then complete a chart with information about each change. Included: shadows, seasons, lunar cycle, day and night, and tides.

Analyze It:  analyze a photo that shows half the moon and half the Earth lit and draw conclusions.

Explore It: create a model using materials available to show day and night. They draw a diagram of the model, then explain the benefits and limitations.

Explain It:  analyse a table with the length of rotation for the eight planets. They make three observations and draw a conclusion.

Sort It:  put the Planet Cards in order from the sun, draw it, then explain the limitations of the model.

Here are some photos of us completing the stations:

We really enjoyed the stations as it gave us a taster about each of these concepts, and helped us to cement some things we had already learnt

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