Friday, 13 June 2014

Space Dave Visit

On Thursday we had a special visitor at our school - Space Dave!  Space Dave is a space expert who came to teach us about 'Our Place in the Universe'.  Here are some of the things we learnt about him:

Titus: i learnt that planets are in solar systems and solar systems are in galaxies, and galaxies are in universes

Rhys:  i learnt that in 5 billion years time a galaxy will collide with our galaxy

Oliver:  i learnt that black holes would stretch you apart - this is called spaghetification

Makayla:  i learnt that Uranus has rings

George:  I learnt that the rings around Saturn have gaps in them where its moons orbit the planet

Rhiannon:  i learnt astronaunts used to have to go to the bathroom in plastic bags in space.  Now days they have special toilets that they use with a vacum in it!

Manx:  i learnt that if you get sucked into a black hole you are gone forever

Leah:  I learnt that galaxies are really really far far away from each other

Rigved:  i learnt that there is planets in different galaxies.  One galaxy has a pink sun,  but this sun is quite cold.

Christian:  i learnt that a black hole is currently sucking in a star of light right now

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