Friday, 27 June 2014

Getting letters fron our penfriends

Today we got our letters from our penfriends in the South Island.  Our author friend Judi Billcliff introduced us to a school in the South Island.  We wrote letters to them on Snail Mail Day, and today we got to open the letters from them and find more about our penfriend.  We are looking forward to writing back to them!

Thursday, 19 June 2014


 Last night the senior syndicate went to the observatory. When we got there we stood in a line waiting and waiting for our turn to see Saturn.  After that we were busting to go up stairs to see Saturn again it was bright beige the telescope was humongous the giant telescope was white and big. Then we went into  a room and it had a big screen showing the stars and planets then he was talking about how a black holes suck you up and you become spaghettification then he said time is over time to go.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Our Before Thoughts - Going to the Observatory Tonight

Tonight we are heading off to the Hamilton Observatory.  We are very excited to go and talk about some of the things we have been studying, and hopefully if the night is clear, seeing of some of the planets through the telescope.

  • Titus - I'd like to know how hot Venus is
  • Mckaia- How many stars are in our galaxy?
  • Oliver - How many different constellations are there?
  • Manx - Can black holes such you in?
  • Victoria Can you see Mecury from Earth?
  • Axell - what is the biggest galaxy?
  • Jack - How long will it take Pluto to go around the sun?
  • George - What is the biggest moon around Jupiter?
  • Loren - How many different star formations are there?
  • Joshua - What is the deadliest and biggest black hole in the universe?
  • Makayla - How many galaxies are there?
  • Rhys - Are there any aliens in our universe?
  • Rigved - Is there life on other planets?
  • Leah - How long does it take Mercury to go around the sun?
  • Ben - Where are all the constellations?
  • Rhiannon - Who was the first person to see space?
  • Christian- What is in the middle of our galaxy?
  • Amelia - How many galaxies are there in space?
  • Ashlee - How many galaxies are there in space?

Friday, 13 June 2014

SNAIL Mail day

Today was Snail mail day!  S.N.A.I.L. Mail stands for 'Send 'Nyone An Interesting Letter'.  This was a special day created by our author friend Judi Billcliff.  She has created this special day to encourage people to write a letter to someone to create memories and bring the joy of receiving a letter to someone else.  We the last week we have thought about who we would like to write a letter to.  Some of us were writing to a family member, some to a friend and some of us were writng to NZ author Doug Wilson.  We have also made a connection to a school in the South Island and will be writing tot hem early next week.  We are looking forward to receiving one back from them soon!
Here are some photos of us busy writing today!


Space Dave Visit

On Thursday we had a special visitor at our school - Space Dave!  Space Dave is a space expert who came to teach us about 'Our Place in the Universe'.  Here are some of the things we learnt about him:

Titus: i learnt that planets are in solar systems and solar systems are in galaxies, and galaxies are in universes

Rhys:  i learnt that in 5 billion years time a galaxy will collide with our galaxy

Oliver:  i learnt that black holes would stretch you apart - this is called spaghetification

Makayla:  i learnt that Uranus has rings

George:  I learnt that the rings around Saturn have gaps in them where its moons orbit the planet

Rhiannon:  i learnt astronaunts used to have to go to the bathroom in plastic bags in space.  Now days they have special toilets that they use with a vacum in it!

Manx:  i learnt that if you get sucked into a black hole you are gone forever

Leah:  I learnt that galaxies are really really far far away from each other

Rigved:  i learnt that there is planets in different galaxies.  One galaxy has a pink sun,  but this sun is quite cold.

Christian:  i learnt that a black hole is currently sucking in a star of light right now

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Wacky Warm Hat Day

Today was Wacky Warm hat day to raise money for the Westpac Air Ambulance.  Here are two of our classmates with their wacky hats!

Space Learning Rotations

Today Mrs Gunn got us to complete 7 station activities. The centers activities focused on the planets, Sun-Earth-Moon system, and patterns of change in space.

These stations helped us to learn more about space and things in our universe.  Here is what each station was about:

Read It: read 3 information cards and identify the physical features of the Sun, our moon, and Earth.

Create It:  use materials available to show how the sun appears to move across the sky due to Earth rotating on its axis.

Tech It:  watch two video clips and take online quizzes.

Match It: match Patterns of Change cards to Description Cards, then complete a chart with information about each change. Included: shadows, seasons, lunar cycle, day and night, and tides.

Analyze It:  analyze a photo that shows half the moon and half the Earth lit and draw conclusions.

Explore It: create a model using materials available to show day and night. They draw a diagram of the model, then explain the benefits and limitations.

Explain It:  analyse a table with the length of rotation for the eight planets. They make three observations and draw a conclusion.

Sort It:  put the Planet Cards in order from the sun, draw it, then explain the limitations of the model.

Here are some photos of us completing the stations:

We really enjoyed the stations as it gave us a taster about each of these concepts, and helped us to cement some things we had already learnt

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Learning about our Solar System

Today we put our learning in the classroom about the planets and solar system into practise in a practical activity outside on the field.
Our learning intentions today were to:
·         Organise the planets in the correct order
·         Understand how the planets are placed in space
·         Explain how the activity helps us to understand far the planets are apart in space in relation to each other
Firstly Mrs Gunn ask us to get in the correct order of the planets.  As first we got a bit mixed up.  So she told us a mnemonic to help us.  This was it ‘My Very Enthusiastic Mother Just Sits Under Newspaper.’  After that we were able to sort ourselves correctly.  Why do you think this phrase helped us?
Then we tried to organise ourselves about where we thought we each planet would be in relation to the sun.  We then used the measuring tape to check. 
Some of the things we noticed:
The first four planets were a lot closer together than the last 4 planets
The last four planets are cooler planets because they are so much further away from the sun than the others.
Check out our photos to see us in action!

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