Thursday, 29 May 2014

Green Fingers

Today the green fingers did gardening with Mrs Boyce we took all of the weeds out and trimmed back lots of flowers.George saw the wood and thought that will look cool in the garden so he was stamping down on the dirt and the wood was blue. this time we didn't plant anything because it needed weeding and because we had to many plants. we also took some bolbs out so they will be ready for next year.


  1. Great blog!!!
    Why are you watering the benches?

  2. Weeding sounds like fun! I had done some weeding at a camp before, and there were a whole large field of weeds. I haven't trimmed flowers before though. When George stomped on the dirt, how did the wood become blue?

  3. Your writing made me think that we should start a garden at my school too! Not only are plants beautiful to look at, but they are extremely helpful to the environment as well. Your writing is also enhanced with the helpful photos you posted. I got to see who the green fingers were, what kinds of plants and flowers they planted, and what they got to do. By the way, are the green fingers basically students to help with the garden?

  4. Hi Room 14,
    Compared to the last time I checked, your green fingers club is improving a lot! The pictures of your garden looks marvelous. I'm guessing the reason to this is mainly because your green fingers club is doing a wonderful job, which it surely does seem so.
    Is pulling weeds a hard and tiring work for the green fingers club? If not, which part of the planting the garden was the hardest?

  5. Hi,
    It seems like you guys have a green thumb. Just asking, what did you plant?


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