Thursday, 29 May 2014

Green Fingers

Today the green fingers did gardening with Mrs Boyce we took all of the weeds out and trimmed back lots of flowers.George saw the wood and thought that will look cool in the garden so he was stamping down on the dirt and the wood was blue. this time we didn't plant anything because it needed weeding and because we had to many plants. we also took some bolbs out so they will be ready for next year.

Who an I poems

Today Mrs Gunn had Room 14's poems on the board and made a guess for each one.
When everyone walks in the room they will see if Mrs Gunn has got them right.
Mrs Gunn said to us it was really hard to put the postick notes on the poems.


This is a video on the letter p (participating and contributing) of TRUMP. We have made a trailer. Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, 22 May 2014


This is the M in TRUMP (Managing self)  This is a trailer. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Writing Success

Wow look at some of our amazing writers! 
Some of the students in our class who are in Writers Club entered a poetry competition recently put together by author Judi Billcliff.  Although we didn't have any winners, we did have some students who had special mention because Judi particularly liked parts of thier poem.  These students were Leah, Loren and Mckaia.  These parts can be seen here on Judi's website:  Click the link for the 8-10 year old writers to see their poems.
Judi hopes she will be able to work with these girls in the next few months to create a book of students poems.  Fingers crossed this will happen!


This is a trailer on understanding stumbles language and text in TRUMP.Enjoy.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Visit by author Judi Billcliff

Today in room14 we had a visit from the author and poet Judi Billcliff. Judi is a Hamilton based poet who has written books such as ‘Grandma does the boogie’.  She came today to inspire us to write our own poems and have fun with writing.  We listened to her read some of her fantastic poems and did some drama and acting on the theme of ‘surprise’.  We will use this inspiration to now write our own ‘Surprise’ poem and will share these on our blogs and next week during poetry week at our school.


Here are some photos of our acting:


This is a video about relating to others which is one of the TRUMP's we study at school.

Friday, 16 May 2014


This year room 14 is looking  at the trumps we got split  into groups of 5 and decided a slogan to decorated the window.  So when we decorated the window we had to draw some drawings on the windows that related to the trump slogan that they had made up . Here are the trumps "T" thinking "R" relating to others "U"  understanding  ,language ,symbols and text "M" managing self "P" participating and contributing. 

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Surrealism Art

In Room 14 we have been studying Surrealism Art.  This is art where you paint using your imagination and the things that you create are not always actually there!  We were inspired to do this after reading the picture book 'Luke's Way of Looking'.  this book was about a biy who say things differently to everyone else and painted very different picture to the rest of his class, which mad his teacher very mad!  The story goes onto to show Luke at an art gallery where he discovers surrealism artwork and was inspired to paint what he saw.

here are some photos of us painting what we 'saw' outside our class window:

We look forward to sharing our final creations with you!

Monday, 12 May 2014

Honnoring our Family Connections to Different Wars

Today we shared about our family history and people in our family who have fought in different wars.  Here are the questions we had research this week for home learning:

1.     Find out if any of your family relations went to any of the wars that NZ have been involved in.

2.      What were their names and how are they related to you?  (Great Grandfather, Great Uncle)

3.      Which wars were they involved in?

4.      How old were they when they went to war?

5.      Do your family have any memorabilia from any of these relations from the war?  (it could be medals, diaries or photos)

6.      How are these passed on through your family?

7.      Why is this memorabilia so special to your family?

Some of us were allowed to bring in some memorabillia to share with the class.  Here are some of the photos of these things:

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