Sunday, 27 April 2014

Famous Art and Artists - Prior Thoughts

This term we are looking at some famous artists and their technques.  We will then be using what we've learnt to create some of our own amazing pieces.  Have a listen to what we notice in this artwork:

Space - Discovery Prior Knowledge

What do we already know about Space and Discovery, our new Big Idea for Term 2?

Voki challenge Week 1 Term 2

Can you solve the first challenge for this term?
Voki Challenge Week one

This week is a ‘Who is That!’ Voki Challenge!  Have I been able to stump you?  Use the clues below to aide you in your search!

· He was born November 30, 1872 and died January 28, 1918

· He was a surgeon during the Second Battle of Ypres, in Belgium.

· He was a Lieutenant Colonel of the Canadian Expeditionary Force

Can you discover: 

Who is this person?

What is he most well known for?

Where did his inspiration for writing come from?

He was a MD.  What is this?

Any other interesting facts that you would like to share on Friday:

Be prepared to share your research on Friday.




Wednesday, 16 April 2014

My poem

Dear Lucy
I saw gun
 powder shattered all around me,
                        I heard roaring cannon’s and guns,
         I felt shattered bones beneath my feet as I tried to avoid them
             I tasted rusty blood as it scattered down my throat,
                          I smelt rotten dead corpses,                                    
       I wondered if this was a game.  My comrade said this isn’t a game we are going  to die.

              By mckaia koridon

Anzac poem

 I saw Turkish soldiers firing bullets and blood shots, I heard the Turkish cannons make a sound go ka boom! I felt hungry for food and water, I tasted hard tack, I smelt blood coming out of soldiers, I wondered if I was the last one alive.

Mr Freke farewell assembly

Today was Mr Freke's farewell assembly.  Some of the student Councillors did a speech of all the wonderful things that have happened before he left.  It was sad day, but he will still leave a hole in our school.                                                                                                    

Monday, 14 April 2014

Mr Frekes wonderful poem

Room 14 made a poem for Mr Freke. Each group write a part and the writers club put it all  together. Here is the poem we made.
Mr Freke Poem from Room 14
Role model for all,
Best principal of all,
He gets the job done,
And we always have fun!

When you’re fishing, your never missing,
You’re catching and kids are snatching all the ideas you’re getting.

Mr Freke you’re so smart,
Just like art,
Also you’re intelligent,
A lot more than an elephant.

Whenever we have something to share,
We always come to you,
You take in our ideas,
Just like sticky glue.

Mr Freke you’re always cheerful,
You are also never tearful,
Mr Freke you are kind
You leave nobody behind.

You’re a star at showing the 4R’s,
You show the TRUMPS without any bumps,
You are really funny,
Just like Bugs Bunny

Mr Freke you’re a fair player
You could be a future mayor
You never ever cheat,
Which sometimes is a very hard feat

You work very hard
Always ready, on guard,
You deserve a break,
How about a piece of chocolate cake?

You will leave a hole in our school,
You cannot be replaced,
Endeavour Ave is lucky

We will be left in disgrace!

Mr Frekes Final Shirt

We have finished Mr Frekes shirt. We will be giving it to him on Wednesday at assembly. We hope he likes it! Theese are some pictures of our finished product.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Mr. Freke's gift

Today Room14 is making a gift for Mr. Freke. We are making a him a t-shirt that is fulled with lots of knowledge. On the back has a shield with an apple in the middle. Around it says I'm a Principal, what's your super power? We are still working on it but it's going well.

Last day of Tennis

Today we had our last day of tennis. We all are sad because we love tennis. We have been learning four hand, backhand and the volley. These are all really good techniques. We hope you learnt a lot of tennis too. 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Green Fingers

Today Mrs Boyce came in and gave us some new bulbs. The  bulbs have to be planted twice as deep as a normal plant.We got a gift from Mrs Boyce and it was a chocolate bunny rabbit and a pot with Tete-Tete and Crocus

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