Thursday, 27 February 2014

Magical Island

Today before lunch we did this Team Building game and it was where you need to work as a team and try not to touch the grass or then the shark will attack you. Mrs Gunn made it more smaller so it could be a challenge for us. At start it was easy then it become harder and harder. We worked as a team so we could stay on the magical Island. Here are some photos.

Fridge Strip Gragh

This is a strip graph that we made in a community circle and maths it has all the things we take out of the fridge the most . Here is a video I hope you like it.

Green Fingers

This morning Mrs Boyce came into school for the first time this year. She dug out our garden and replanted some plants that will survive. This is what it looks like.

PhotoFunia - Week 5 ICT challenge

Hi there!  look at this awesome tool you can use to snaz up your photos!  it's called PhotoFunia, thanks to Mrs Scott for showing it to Mrs Gunn.  We are going to use it this week as part of our ICT challenge to share photos and thoughts from our two big sports days - tabloids and the senior swimming sports days.

This is a photo of Loren and Rhiannon the day school councillors were announced, Mrs Gunn has used their awesome photo as an example.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Community Silent Card Shuffle

Today we started to look wider than our class with our big idea of 'Community'.  Today Mrs Gunn gave us a pack of cards with different things written on them.  We discovered that there were 5 cards that were the headings - Sport, School, Hospital, Theatre and Digital.  We then discovered that the other cards had roles/jobs that each of these communities has.  We had to silent sort these into the different communities.  It was really hard to do this without talking, but we managed to do it pretty successfully, and learnt some new words along the way.  Come into room 14 sometime to see the results!

Our next step is to start think about which communities we and our families belong to, and why it is so important to belong to different communities.

Voki Challenge Week 5

Here is our voki challenge for week 5 brought to you this week by creative Christian.  It is a WHAT IS THAT!  challenge.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Our School Councillors!

Congratulations to our four students who have made it onto the 2014 school councillor.  These four students were announced this morning at Monday morning assembly.  We are sure you will do an amazing job!

This week applications go out for House Captains.

Friday, 21 February 2014

School Councillor Speeches

Today we had our school councillor speeches. We had 7 extremely amazing candidates who presented speeches outlining why they would make great councillors.  They all did extremely well!  Mrs Gunn was very proud of them all J  We now wait with baited breath to hear gets through.  Results will be announced at Monday morning assembly.  If you’d like to hear our speeches please check out the blogs of George, Loren, Taylor-Rose, Mckaia, Rhiannon, Ben and Rhys.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Voki Challenge Week 4

Cyber Busters Show

What was the show about?
Cyber bullying and it's effects

Why did we go to this show?
To learn about cyber - bullying and how to deal with any cyber-bullying issues we might experience

What was one important message/important learning?
Not to answer people's bullying messages 

What did you enjoy the most about the show?
(Mckaia)When Mrs Stata raped her scarf around Katie and she laghed.
(Christian)The host faced away from each other.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Team building and building our class culture

Today in room 14 we did a silent card shuffle during our community circle.  A silent card shuffle is hard because you are not allowed to talk during the activity.  We had to sort some words and pictures into groups that we thought they went with, and then discuss the words that we wanted our class to be.  These were things like 'kind, care, share, and friend.

check out the photos of us doing this below:

Green Fingers for 2014

It was a tough decision for George, Loren and Mrs Gunn, but they have selected two new members for the Green Fingers Club.  For 2014 we welcome Rhiannon and Taylor-Rose.  This week they will be meeting with Mrs Boyce to review how the garden has fared over Summer (not very well L), and start planning out what we will plant for this year.  Keep popping back to our blog to see the changes we have made and how our garden is coming along!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Our Class Treaty

Have a look at our class treaty!  As a class we decided on the guidelines that we think we needed to make our class a strong team and a caring community.  What do you think?!

Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Winter Games 2014

Team building in Room 14 2014!

In room 14 we are learning about the benefits of working as a team and becoming a strong community.  On Friday Mrs Gunn set us a challenge to help us grow our team building skills.  She gave us all a red puzzle piece and asked us to work as a team to complete the puzzle.  If we were successful, we would have worked well as a team!

It was quite tricky, and we had to work really hard, but eventually were able to finish.  The puzzle made a great big juicy looking red apple.  Mrs Gunn said that our classroom is like the puzzle.  If we can work together as a team to support our community then our ‘puzzle’ will be our learning!

Next week we will use what we have learnt to create our class treaty.  We will post more about this when we have created it!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Check out thinglink!

Check out thinglink!  This is a new fun learning tool that we are going to use this week for our ICT challenge.  The photo below is of Mrs Gunn and her husband during the balloon ride they had in the holidays.  She has linked some facts about the day.
We will be doing the same thing,  using thing link to share the learning we are doing during our swimming lessons.  Check out our blogs to see our creations and to learn about how our lessons are going!

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