Friday, 27 September 2013

Ripper Rugby

Today we played an inter-class challenge of ripper rugby. First we played room 15, then room 12 and finally room 13. We came FIRST over all!!!

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Our Tonga: Pendants

These are some special necklaces that we made out of salt dough.
It wraps up our cultural learning and a fun thing to do as it is the end of term.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Writers Club Presentaion

Today at assembly, Judy Bilcliff and Lez  presented Ella and Edward with a certificate and their poems that they entered into a poetry competition. Ella came first and Edward came a runner up. Ella got awarded a book for the school library and Edward got a $15 whitcolls voucher. Here are some photos:


Friday, 20 September 2013

Class Award 2013

This Friday we got the class award. We have been waiting a long time to get this. When a class gets this award there is always a reason why they got it. It can be something like using technology wisely or using a wide range of equipment in new ways or anything along these lines. We got the award for showing reflection by using qr codes. Here are some photos of us.

Taylor rose: I am so joyful getting the class award and i have been waiting for a very long time
Rhys: I am also happy as we actually did do a lot of making of qr codes and I really think we deserved it.
Shreeya: Again I am also delighted getting this award as I always wanted a photo with the class award.

To catch up on all of the amazing learning we do at Vardon School and specifically room 14 keep on regularly coming on our blog. We hope you enjoyed my post on how we got the class award.

written by: Shreeya  
class award certificate
shreeya(me) with the award

far away 

Rhys with certificate

Rhys with class award

taylor with class award

Taylor with certificate

see ya later 

Thursday, 19 September 2013

senior syndicate semi finals

Today was semi speech finals day. All the children from the syndicate that got through shared their speech in front of the whole syndicate. The children from our class were alannah , Ella, Ben and Emerson. Everything went well and no one was nervous well everyone was nervous but the didn't show it. The semi finalist have just gone to the staff room to find out who got into the finals. hey this goes with the song "it's the final countdown".
Only very few people get to go through to the finals and it would be absolute privilege to be able to get through. Last year Edward smith and Karyna watt got through to the finals.Edward came 2nd out of all of the finalists. When we find out who got through we will post that news.  

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Rippa Rugby

Yesterday we went out to the field and played Rippa Rugby with Mike from Sport Waikato and room 14. 
Here are some of the things that we learnt:

I learnt that when you throw the ball you leave your hands out (your hands follow through) Ella
You have to make a W shape with your hands so your team mates know where to aim the ball when passing to you (Rhys)
You have to pass the ball behind you, not in front (Chakyla)

we enjoyed:

I enjoyed playing the game (Alex)
I enjoyed the game and the warm ups we did (Victoria)
I enjoyed playing the game and the warm ups when we had to pass the ball behind each other. (Mckaia)


Monday, 16 September 2013

Class Speeches

Today we had to present our speeches to the class.  We were all very nervous, but each of us were brave and got up and delivered what we had researched and found out to do with either our own culture and identity or one we had researched.  Mrs Gunn was extremely proud of all of us!!

Here are some photos of some of us delieverying our speeches:


Room 14's Cultural Quilt

Last week we each put together our cultural square for room 14's cultural quilt. On the quilt square we had to share information about our family’s cultural identity - things about the country we are from, traditions we have, music and art we love and our favourite foods.  We then put these all together to make our class quilt.  We think it looks really great!  We have also recorded all of this information into the website ‘Vocaroo’ and turned this into a QR code.  Come in sometime and scan our codes to hear us talk about our family identity!


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Jump jam

Today 3 jump jam groups performed for the whole school. 6 students from room 14 will be competing this Saturday in the jump jam competition but only 5 performed today because alannah was away.the kids competing are Emerson, Loren, Ella, Alannah, Shreeya and Christian. Good luck!!
The senior girls team

Christian and his sister


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Cake stall

Today was the cake stall to help fund raise for the Jump jam teams that are heading to Tauranga for there competition  this Saturday. We hope they do well! Here are some of the AMAZING cakes that have been made.
The competition cakes.

 The cakes for the cake stall.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Paint it Black All Blacks competition

Here are our photos for the 'paint it black' competition.  (See below)

To celebrate the All Blacks playing Argentina at the Waikato Stadium on 7 September we are opening a great competition! Dress your classroom, office or shop BLACK in support of the All Blacks and be in to win a visit from an All Black! Upload your photo to our competition tab before Thursday 5 September and your in the draw. Best photo wins!

We have two groups in our photo  - one group is the All Blacks doing the haka, and the other group are the Argentina team looking frightened!  We had so much fun creating our photo.  Fingers crossed we are successful!

Here are our photos:


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