Thursday, 29 August 2013

Dafadol Day

Today we had Dafadol day. We tried to dress up in as much yellow as we could. This is how much yellow our class wear.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Gymsport festival

On Wednesday the 28th of August we went to Hamilton west primary gymsport competition. The Nah nah team came 1st, the hip hop team cam 1st and the cheer leading team came 3rd. Here are some photos of us getting our certificates

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Rubbish bin posters

Room 14 was having an issue that we were puting paper in the bins not the paper sack. We were putting chip packets in the paper sack so we decided to make some posters and we put them on the rubbish bins so if we go and put it paper the rubbish bins we will look at the poster and go put the paper in the paper sack If they do put paper in the rubbish bins they have to take it out and put it in the paper sack. Here are some photos of the posters:

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Our Special Taonga (Treasures)

At the beginning of this week, we read a school journal story about some children who were sharing about their special treasures. Some spoke about bone carvings, others about special dresses, one boy even shared about his family’s special pie dish! They all had reasons as to why the item was such a treasure for their family. The Mrs Gunn shared about her special locket that her grandmother gave to her when she was 15.  Then for home learning this week Mrs Gunn told us that we had to discuss with family about special taonga we had and why these things were so special to our family.

On Friday we had a taonga sharing circle, where each person shared about their item and why it was special.  There is a video of each of us, and we will load these up over the next week to our blogs – but you can check out a couple of them below:



We also made a ‘treasure bag’ these are hanging on our culture wall.  Over the rest of this term we will be filling these bags with things we discover about our culture.  Come in and check them out some time!

Inference Bags Take 2!

At the beginning of ther term we made some inference bags to help us to be able to read between the lines more when we read.
We learnt that to be able to infer you have to connect what you know with what you see or read.  After our last set of inference bags, we reflected on what went well with our bags and what we needed to change to make them more successful.
We have put what we reflected into practise and have made a second bag with a different item.  We challenge you to come into class sometime, read our clues and see if you can infer what is in our bags.


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Food Nutrition with Diane and Project Energise

Today we had a visit from Diane, Claire and Erin from Project Energise to take us for our second session in food nutrition.  Today they took us for a lesson on take away foods.  These are some of the things we learnt:
If we have to choose between chunky fries and shoe string fries we should choose the chunky fries because chunky fries are made from more potatoes (vegetable) and chunky fries don't absorb as much oil and fat as shoe string fries. (Mrs Gunn)
I learnt that when you have a lot of fat it clogs up your arteries.  (Cajun)
if you have takeaways often you might die because the fat builds up around your heart and can cause a heart attack (Rhys)
I learnt that it's not good to eat lots of fat.  and i learnt how much fat is in  each of the takeways we looked at. (Chakyla)
I learnt that an adult should only have 14 teaspoons of fat a day (Maia)
I learnt that fat is bad because it isn't good for your body and you might die earlier because your arteries get clogged and your blood can't get through your body. (Christian)


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Visit From Kimball the ASB Getwise Guy!

Today we had a visit from Kimball from the ASB Getwise programme to teach us about money and how to be good with it!
He taught us this little phrase to help us remember how to be good with money.
Saving is like training
the earlier we start
the better we will be!  

Monday, 19 August 2013

Our new bulbs

Last term we planted some bulbs in our class garden. This is how they turned out. They were planted by Mrs Boyle, Loren, Lanz, Emerson and George

Taniwha Art Work

We have started our Taniwha artwork.  We are so excited about it!

Key things we are learning while completing this artwork:
  • Maori art and their artwork
  • cross hatching with pastels
  • take time with our artwork to get the best that we can
  • how to blend colours together


Wednesday, 14 August 2013

QR codes

In class we have been scanning QR codes. 

1. A QR code is a code that is linked to a website.
2.QR stands for quick response.
3.The things that have QR codes are  in the news paper and magazines with add on them.
4. To read a QR code you need a smart phone I pod or i pad with a QR code scanner app on it.


Saturday, 10 August 2013

Voki Challenge Week 3

Here is our 'Where in the World' Voki Challenge for this week brought to you by Shreeya!  Can you work out where this mystery place is?


Thursday, 8 August 2013

Our inference bags

This term we have been focusing on inferring so that we can get better at this during reading.  We all made inference bags with a mystery item hidden inside the bag.  We then gave 5 clues that we thought we would help our classmates infer what was inside.  Here is a photo of our bags on the wall:

Today we had a look at what people had guessed was inside our bag and got feedback and feedforward on what people thought of our clues.  We have now reflected on this and had a think about what we would change for next time to help us get better at this skill.

Here are some pictures of us revealing our hidden objects:


Monday, 5 August 2013

my resilience speech

Hello my name is CUT IT OUT! People start of with boring sentences. Okay so at our student councilor meeting Mr Freke asked me if I would like to share a speech in front of the whole school about resilience and of course how could I say no. When I shared it Mrs Gunn wanted me to put it on my blog and room14's blog. So enjoy.....................  and by the way my name is Shreeya.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Kiwi kids news quiz

Newsflash!  the Kiwi Kids News Quiz password for this term is still: newsquiz.  Use this password for the quiz home learning this term!

Voki Challenge week 2

This weeks voki challenge is a riddle bought to you by Loren.  Can you work out who or what the riddle is about?  Good luck!

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