Saturday, 20 July 2013

Identity Term 3 - Our Before Thoughts!

Voki Challenge Week 1 Term 3

This weeks voki challenge is another 'Where in the World' Challenge.  Can you discover the place that Mrs Gunn has described below?  Good Luck!


Kiwi Kids News Quiz - Home Learning Week 1

Kiwi Kids News Quiz
the link for the quiz for home learning week 1 is here:
The password for this term is superquiz2

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Milk In School

Today we started milk in schools. Our milk monitores are Ella and Cajun, our room 2 milk monitor helpers are Loren and Ben
For milk in schools first the milk monitors go to the student entry to the office to get the milk from the fridges and bring it back into class then they hand it out to all the class today they helped us to get the straw off the milk box without pulling off the plastic, what you do is that you push down on the straw an it will pop out of the plastic the tips that we got given were drink it dry, fold it flat and send it back. with drink it dry what you do is once you think that there isn't much left is you put the straw to a cornier and tip it that way, for fold it flat we fold it down flat like in the middle pitcher and for send it back you put it in the big blue recycle boxes.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Lean on Me-song and Lyrics

This is one of the songs we will be singing at assembly on Friday. Can you practise so you are ready to sing it beautifully on Friday?

Feel Inside (and Stuff Like That) Lyrics

If you can sing it have a go:)

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