Friday, 31 May 2013

Kiwi Kids New Quiz

the link for the quiz for home learning week 5 is here: 

Voki Challenge Week 5

This weeks voki challenge brought to you by Lans :)  It is another 'What is that?!' challenge.  Do you know what this creature is?  It has an amazing blue tail!


Relating to Others - Warm Fuzzy Buddies!

At the beginning of the week we told you about how we had warm fuzzy buddies this week to reinforce our TRUMP focus of 'relating to others', and also because we know giving compliements to our class mates helps to make us a strong team in room 14.
We presented certificates and a 'warm fuzzy buddy' to our choosen friend.  Here are some of our classmates reactions to our warm fuzzy:

How did it make you feel?
Why is it important to give people warm fuzzies?

It made me fell appreciated, it is important to give them because that means that people notice you doing good thing.(Lans)
It made me feel that some one cares about you,you give people a warm fuzzy to make them feel special.(George)
It made me feel really awesome to know that people are noticing that I am doing good things.  It is important because we should let other people know that we care about them and it makes them feel nice. (Emerson)
It made me feel really nice inside because it shows people are noticing you and congratualting you on the things you did well.  It is important because you need to recognise people care about you and it helps to make a strong community.  (Ed)

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Sculptures Pic Collage

This is a Pic Collage of us making our relating to others sculptures.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Arohas visit for W O W unit

On the 24th of May Kharma's mum Aroha came in to school and talked to room 14 and room 2 about how she makes her clothes so that we can get a better idea of how to make our garments.

Warm Fuzzies!

This week we are focusing on the TRUMP of 'Relating to Others'. We have been given a special person this week to watch and think about to give a warm fuzzy to.  This is to help build strong realtionships in our class and to get to know someone in our class that we don't alreay know that well.  keep an eye out later in the week where we will post our reactions to our warm fuzzies!

Voki Challenge Week 4

Our first 'What is That?!' voki challenge brought to you by Ella and Loren.  Do you know what this creature is?


Friday, 24 May 2013


Today is Mrs. Gunn's birthday so we all gave her a SUPRISE party/shared lunch we got lots of balloons and crowns and a happy birthday sign. We would like to now sing happy birthday to her. here are some pictures of Mrs. Gunn's
Nice sensible photo

CRAZY photo
This is the awesome cake Ella made! WOW Ella

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Wacky hair day

This is Ella's crazy hair.
This is Aidan's wacky hair.

This is Alannah's Amazing hair.

This is Mrs Gunn's Bird nest hair.

This is Alex.I's pop star hair.

 This is Alannah's waste to wow hair.

This is Em's Long colourful hair.

 This is Ben's spiky green hair.

 Chakyla gave a donation.

  This is Loren's smilely face.
 This is Loren's swivel bun.

 This is Ella's rainbow hair.

 This is George's clown hair.

We had a wacky hair day and this is what some people came up with.
By Rebecca and Ben

Friday, 17 May 2013

Mrs Gunn

By Rebecca

Revising Our writing

We have been learning to revise our writing to make it even better.  Today we discussed the difference between proof-reading and revising and then helped Mrs Gunn to revise her story on the board.  We're looking forward to sharing our stories with you when they are finished :)


Voki Challenge Week 3

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

rippa rugby


Today we did rippa rugby with Greg we thought we wanted to show you some videos/pictures           
first we did warm ups then we played actual game of rippa rugby the green team where the snots and the yellow team boggers the green team lost 3 to 0.                                                                                                                         

The Wearable Arts - our 'now' knowledge

Friday, 10 May 2013

Power Writing

Today we started our first session of Power Writing.  This is a session where we get to write and recraft a piece of our own imaginative writing.  Mrs Gunn introduced us to our inspirational story starter, a jar of keys!  Each key had a story starter that involved the key it was attached to.  We spent time discusing our story starter and our ideas for our stroy with our small groups.  Then we got to 'power write' for 20 minutes.  Next week we will re-read our story and then recraft it to make it sound even better.  We will share this writing with you later in the term!


Silent Card Shuffle

This week we started our Arts/technology unit - W.O.W (waste to wow).  We had to complete a silent card shuffle where we had to match an artists picture, to their name, to the top of art they made, to the country they were born in.  The trick is we had to do it all with out talking!!!!  Here are some photos of us completing this.  Come into our class to see how successful we were.


Oral Language

This week we have been listening to some poets recite some of their poems.  We have then been discussing what made them effective to listen to so that we can use some of these techniques when we recite our own poem for poetry week.  Here is a clip of a famous NZ author/poet named Sam Hunt.  He has an original and unusual way of presenting his work.  What do you think about the way he presents his poems?  Do you find him interesting to listen to?


Voki Challenge Week 2


Today we shared what we found out about our families and their contributions to different wars that NZ has been involved in.  Here are some of things were able to find out about our family members:

Shreeya: My great grandad went to world war 2 and then went to join air force. We don't have any medal because a lot of them my auntie (my mums older sister) got and the rest my Nan has. My Nan is in India and my aunty is in Canada.

Emerson:My great grandads, great great uncle, great uncles,and aunty and uncle went to war. They went to world war 1 and 2 and the Afghanistan went to war. they were 32,31,30,27,25,26,35. We have medals, photos and diaries. Photos we have are in books like nga ta matoa. my great grandma has letters from my great great uncle and my Nan and papa have their Dad's medals.

Loren. Two of my great grandfathers went to war (world war one and two) and three of my great great uncles all went to world war two and there names were Cyril McCloud and Colin Williams, Colin Fergus, Neil Fergus and Boy Fergus. I had some memorabilia of Colin Williams. The three medals are for defence  war service and NZ war service. The badges are buttons of his uniform, his hat badge and the badge he wore on his collar  The story about Colin Williams is that he was riding on a motor bike but he fell of, broke his leg and got sent home.

George.I found out that my granddad and my great granddad went to war my granddad  came back from war.But a couple of days/weeks/years he died from a heart attack at my nanna's house but we still have his medals/diaries/photos I'm happy of granddad that he sacrifice his life for his country 0

Rebecca. My Great granddad   was in the Kiwi Concet party in world war 2.  He had a boat trophy. My granddad has medals and my grandma has some to.

I had three great grandads that went to war 1/2.One of them went to war but his wife was pregnant he didn't get to see him till he was 2, luckily he survived. one of them died.

My grandfather went to ww2 and my two great uncle were also in ww2 they all survived.

my great grand father Hall smith machine gunner Gallipoli and Somme WWI survived (my dads side)
Mick and Fred Collins WWII solder prisoner of war camp both survived.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Great grandads at war

When my great grandfather, Norman Lesly Manning went to war he would travel around the world he was 22 when he went to war camp, it was 1940 when he went to serve, he started in Fiji but he spent most of his time in middle east of Europe he went to Egypt in July 1940. he was a person that drove people around the war site and between city's.
When he went to war his Friends got dared to rip down a flag off the poles so he took the dear and did it  iuf he got corght he would of been sent for endiate death.
when ti was doon the guys wanted to sleep under the trucks because it was too hot to sleep in the trenchers grandad told him it was too dangerus but his brother didn't lisson and got killed we think this is why he didn't want to talk about his time at war.
that is the story from when my great grandad went to war.
Today I am going to talk about my great grandad , his name is Jack Craig. He went to war he was 30 years old in 1939 , in world war two. He was fighting in Egypt in Sidi Rezegh against then Germans. For a while He was roaming around for a little while until in 1941 some Germans found him and took him to their camp site and put him with the other New Zealanders in their prison. My great grandad was the captain of the New Zealands prison rugby team , and New Zealand won the rugby game. And he was released at the end of the of the war which was in 1945. His commanders name was Charlie Upham is a New Zealander who has two Victoria crosses.

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