Wednesday, 27 February 2013

green fingers

Today Mrs Boyce came to school for the second time to take the green fingers to Bunnings to buy some plants to beutify our garden. We got lots of plants we weren't able to get all the plants we wanted but that's ok we found lots more .Mrs Boyce helped us plant the plants in the garden out the middle we rote room 14 in flowers.

Mystery Box Revealed!

The mystery box was revealed!  Today we listened to the clues given by Mrs Gunn.  Every time we heard a new clue we revised our guesses.  Some of us were able to guess what the creature was inside the box!
The creature was . . . . . . a possum!  After it was revealed we read about the possum.  Did you know there is 20 possums for every person in NZ!  The possum is a real pest in NZ, and it eats so much of our native bush!  We learnt so much about the possum, ask us some time about what we learnt.

Here are some photos of us making our discovery!

Mystery Box

What's inside the Mystery Box?  Hmmmmmmmm, use the clues to guess!

We'll find out today!

Monday, 25 February 2013


This is  some of  Room14's Personlitys that we did the other day. We had 4 cards to choose from; The Safekeeper, The player, The Carer and The analyser. Enjoy

Green figers garden

The green fingers club have been working on a project to recreate our garden because it is empty (their is a picture of how empty it is). We have come up with a design to have RM 14 planted in succulents then out lined with marigolds, we are going to have a herb garden, small sunflowers, bronze flax, using our climbing wall we will be growing sweet peas and a potato vine,petunias at the front and nalturiums. We are going to Bunnings to get the plants with Mrs Boyce on Wednesday 27th February 2013,  Mrs Boyce is Mrs Gunn's Mum.
(this is our plan)
(this is our garden before we did it up)

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Green fingers progect

The room 14 Green Fingers club are creating a garden for our class and today they had a visitor. The visitor was Mrs Gunns mum. She came to talk about what we could put in the garden.
By George and Loren.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Our Before Thoughts . . . . .

Tabloids Day

On Tuesday we did tabloids. If you don't know what tabloids is it is when you do really fun activitys and for the Seniors it is exercise for camp well for the hike.

what we did for the activitys are:
  1. sack race
  2. parchute
  3. egg and spoon race
  4. dots with the hacky sack
  5. water race
  6. hitting the wickets

The really really exciting part is with a rope and you need super hands to pull and that is tug of war room 14 won the first one and got to the finals with room 13 and we didn't win but the most exciting part was that we all had fun and got squirt from the hose and the people that did tug of war got to put there hands and head in the bucket.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Warriors Visit

These are some pictures of our amazing visit from the warriors it was great! We are one of the only schools in Hamilton that get to see them. We did lots of awesome events! We got cool prizes like wrist bands, signature books, tog bags and more!
We had so much fun.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Green Fingers Club

A big congratulations to our 4 class mates who have made it into the Green Fingers club – Emerson, Loren, George and Alannah!  We hope you have a great time being a part of this club!
Their first task as a Green Finger is to beautify our room 14 garden.  It’s looking pretty sad with only two swan plants in it.  This week they will be meeting with two gardening experts – Mrs Gunn’s parents, Mr and Mrs Boyce.  These two keen gardeners have some impressive gardens at their house, so are coming to give advice to our group on what sorts of plants grow well in the conditions we have and giving our group some ideas to do with colour, shape and design.  So watch this space!  We are hoping to transfer this space into something amazing!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Growing as a Team

In Room 14 at the moment we are learning to grow as a team, and to grow stronger as a class of learners.  At the moment Mrs Gunn is teaching us about the importance of 'interdependence'.  This is where we place value on each other’s strengths and understand that each of us has something special to share and offer our classmates.
Here are some photos of us working together as a team.  Mrs Gunn gave each team a balloon.  We had to get the balloon to the end of the cones in a variety of ways, each time making sure we didn't let the balloon touch the ground; otherwise we would have to start again.  We had to make sure we worked together to ensure we made it to the other end in the quickest possible time.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

the Koren visitors

On the 4th of February we had two visitors they taught 8 lucky people about there county.

She showed as a story and we did colouring in and we made origami it was great.By Ben

 While I was with you I had lots of fun, By Matenga
We red a story and it was cool. By George
It was fun working with Julie because we got to draw a picture about a book. by Lans.
It was very fun working with the Koren visitors . We did some visualising. By EllaBy Rebecca

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