Friday, 23 November 2012

Voki Challenge Week 7

This week is another ‘where in the world’ Voki Challenge!  This challenge has been bought to you by creative Emerson!  This week you are research about a whole city rather than just one tourist attraction.  This city is the only city in the world that is across two continents.  It is in a country with the same name as a bird.

Can you discover:
What are the photos of?  What country in the world would we find this place?
Which two countries fought to rule it in the 1800’s?
Why is it a popular tourist destination?
What are some of the tourist attractions in this country?
Any other interesting facts to share with the class?
Be prepared to share your  research on Friday.

Thursday, 22 November 2012


Yesterday room 14 had Athletics if you may not now what athletics is well you do sports like running high jump long jump and also shot put. What we done is we had to hope in our age groups.
 A teacher had took us to our station after we do all our stations we had play and lunch after that the  relay team fast. First went the middles the class who won was room7 and room9 then the Senior had raced the winner was room14 the one most interesting was versing the teachers and parents at egg race

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Visit From A milk Tanker

Yesterday we had a vist from a milk tanker and its driver Neil!  He came to talk to use about his truck and also some of things to with his job.  Here are some of the things we learnt:

How the milk gets taken out of the tanker (Aye Myat)
How they test the milk and how it's gone from not using much technology to heaps of technology used to help Neil do his job (Bronte)
I learnt that they have to take samples to test the milk to make sure it is safe (Jacob)
There were three testing samples but there is four slots because the fourth slot is just in case Fonterra want a fourth sample (Toa)
I learnt that each tanker goes to about 16 farms a day on average (Cajun)
I learnt that there is a safety nuts to tell the driver whether the wheel nuts are on tight enough (Edward)
The tanker driver works 3 days, 3 nights and then three days off.  (Shreeya)

Monday, 19 November 2012

Warren's Vist

Today room 14 got a lucky vist from Warren! ( Rebecca's Dad) He works at fonterra and he came in to talk to us abut fonterra to help us with our dairy unit. He talked to us about lots of things like: Buttons on your jackets have milk powder in them so do t.v cabels! He also talked about the saftey gear they have to wear like their saftey glasses and steal cap shoes. The pepole at fonterra have bright jackets on. There are two diffrent colour jackets. One is  highlighter orange that means who ever is wearing it is a visitor and the other one is highlighter yellow, that means again who ever is wearing it is on duty.We learnt about how many people work for fonterra. In New Zealand there is 10,000 workes for fonterra. In Austrailia there is about 2,000 and about 3-4,000 workers around the rest of the world. We really appreciated Warren coming into school because usally fonterra workers wouldn't come in because of the tight schedule and for his tanker driver coming in and our suprise ice cream man! Thank you Warrren! 

Swim Safe

Last week in Room14 we went to Te-Rapa pools to learn how to swim. We had enjoyed swimming at the pools with the instructor. what we learnt is that you have to put your hand up really high and shout for help never ever wave your hand around because th life guard might think your saying hi! what we did is our instructor put us into our groups room14 had enjoyed swimming the last day of our swim safe was a bit of a bummer because the diving board was not open but instead we had free time in the warm pool that was cool thank you instructor for teaching room14 how to swim.    

Room 14 grass heads

Room 14 made some grass heads if you don't know what a grass head is, it's a little thing that is made of paper cups stockings fabric and plastic eyes. First you  get a paper cup and then you get a stocking, Get some grass seeds and put them in your stocking, Then get some soil and put it in your stocking on top of  your grass seeds, Then you get some fabric and then start to design your grass heads clothes, Then you get some plastic eyes and glue them on then you get the clothes that you designed and glue them on. If you cant really see your grass heads eyes then you should put some dirt in your paper cup. Every day you should be watering your grass head.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Donna's Visit

Yesterday the Senior syndicate had a visit from Donna (Bronte's mum). She came to talk to us about the dairy industry , we got to ask any questions we still had from the farm visit. She had a slide show about any questions we e-mailed to her we learnt lots of things like there are more cows than humans in New Zealand, and that different dairy factory's make different dairy products like the ones in Te Awa make milk powder.
 We had learnt lots and appreciate her coming so a big thanks. 

Friday, 9 November 2012

Voki Challenge Week 5

This week is another ‘where in the world’ Voki Challenge!  This challenge has been bought to you by Loving Lans!  This landmark is an active volcano.  It is situated in the south-west  of Iceland, by the sea and covers around 40 square miles.  An icecap  covers the volcano and is 5465 feet (1666 m in height).  The crater of the volcano measures 1.8 miles to 2.5 miles across (three to four kilometres).

Can you discover:
What are the photos of?  Where in the world would we find this place?
What years has it erupted?  When was the must recent time?  What problems did this cause?
Where does the ash from this volcano go?
What is the bird called that changed it’s beak colour in different seasons that lives by the volcano?
Any other interesting facts to share with the class?
Be prepared to share your  research on Friday.

Bonus Question:  Can you pronounce the name of this volcano correctly?  Good luck, its tricky!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Farm Visit

On Wednesday Room 14 went with the senior to learn more about how dairy farms work!  It was exciting, interesting and a bit smelly!  Here are some of our thoughts:

I found that it was interesting how the hay bails could acutualy roll (Kharma)

I thought it was interesting watching the machine milking (Aidan)

I enjoyed tasting the milk because it was creamy and nice (Maia)

I thought it was interesting that the cows had the entertainment balls to lick while they were milked.  (Toa)

Did you know if you scare the cows it can limit the amount of milk they produce and they go to the toilet!!!!! (Tiana)

I found it interesting that the bulls jump on cows to mate. (Lans)

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Making Butter

Today room14 made butter with:

A jar
Freash bread

First we poured the cream into the jar and screwed the lid on tightly. Next we shook it up and down for about 2 - 3 minutes. Then it should start to form a lump.After that we tiped out the butter milk and put water in the jar to get the rest of the butter milk out. Next we tipped out the water and spread the butter onto the bread. 

Friday, 2 November 2012

Our Question we have before our farm visit

We have so many questions about dairy farming!!!  Here are the questions we have brainstormed for Matt:

·        Would you recommend the cows as part of your family 
·        Is it fun milking cows?
·        How old can an average cow live for?
·        Why do you have to where an apron while milking?
·        How does it feel to get up early to feed the cows and why do you need to get up that early?
·        How are dogs involved?
·        How many cows do you have and is it hard to milk all those cows?
·        After milking the cows do you feel really tiered?
·        Is it a normal job to be a dairy farmer?
·        What would you do if you found out that the cow is sick?
·        How many cows do you have that are over 10 years old?
·        What is your favourite part about being a dairy farmer?
·        Have you ever hand milked a cow just for the fun of it?
·        Do you have a favourite cow or a cow that produces the most milk?
·        Why do the chop down trees for cow food, why not grass?
·        What is it like to live on a farm?
·        How long have you owned your farm?
·        How old where you the first time you milked a cow?
·        How long does it take to milk all your cows?
·        How long have you been milking for?
·        How many litres of milk do you make every day?
·        How long does it take to milk 50 cows?

Voki Challenge Week 4

This week is another ‘where in the world’ Voki Challenge!  This challenge has been bought to you by extreme Edward!  This is a is a medieval astronomical clock located in the Czech Republic. The clock is the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest one still working.

Can you discover:
What are the photos of?  Where in the world would we find this place?
When was it built? 
Why is it such a popular tourist destination?
What is a astronomical clock?
What interesting features does it have?
Any other interesting facts to share with the class?Be prepared to share your  research on Friday.

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