Friday, 31 August 2012

Daffodil day

Today is daffodil Day and we had to dress up in as much yellow as possible and these are some photos of Room14/us dressed up in yellow!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Student Led Conferences

This week we are sharing our learning with our families!  We will be showing our families our special learning log books, our work books, our artwork and some things on our blogs.  Here are some photos of us practising with our class buddies:

Monday, 27 August 2012

Making Pie Graphs

Last week we learnt about strip graphs and how to make them.  This week we used this knowledge to help us to create pie graphs.  Here are some photos of us creating pie graphs showing how many people visited our blog in the last week.  Come into class and check them out!

Welcome Back Emmy!

Emerson has been away for a week because she broke her leg :(  We so please to have her back!  ook at her, straight back into work like she was never away!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Voki Challenge Week 7

This weeks ‘where in the world’ Voki challenge is one of the famous seven wonders of the world.   This magnificent monument has a background story that has been melting the hearts of millions for many years and is considered by many to be a living example of eternal love.  The building of this structure involved 22, 000 workers including masons, stonecutters, inlayers, carvers, painters, calligraphers, dome-builders and other artisans called from all over the world.

Can you discover:

What are the photos of?  Where in the world would we find this place?

Why was this building originally constructed?  What is the background story behind this building?

When was it built?

Why is it such a popular tourist destination?

What is it most well known for?

Any other interesting facts to share with the class?

Be prepared to share your  research on Friday.


Our Wacky Olympics

Today (Thursday 23 August) the whole senior syndicate went out in the middle block. We copied the Olympics but we made it WACKY! The javelin as straws, the discus as paper plates, counter toss and knee ball.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Voki Challenge week 6

Today Mrs Gunn’s Voki gave you your next challenge, to solve the classifying information puzzle that you’ve been given as a separate sheet.  Can you identify the word that does not belong in each of the sets, justifying your reasoning?

Things to think about ready to share with the class on Friday:
How did you come up with your result?
What were your first steps?
What helped you to find your answer?

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Maths Week 2012!

This week is maths week. Can you solve the problem below? Remember to explain how you worked it out!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Meeting Olymians

On Monday at team time some really special Olympians came to school.Their names were Diane and David Roger.
Diane and David came into school to talk to us about their experiances in the Olympics.

Diane: Diane went to the Olympics for running.She started off at a primary school and after they had finished swimming because it was really cold they had to run around the school field and that is when her running career started. When she went to intermediate that is when she started cross country.She then went to high school and countined her career.She then got choosen to go to the Olympics and ran her first race and came 9th and that was her olympic journey over in 4 minutes! But that wasn't the end she got choosen again to go thru and then went thru to the semi finals and then came 7th which was quiet a success. After she had finished she retired and became our project energiser.

David: David was born up in cambridge on a farm and went to school with Mark Todd!!!
 David went to the Olympics for rowing. He got a Bronze and brought it in to show us! We got to hold it and touch it. We also got to put on some of the clothes that the actuley wore at the Olympics! Here are Emerson, Alannah, Karyna, Ethan, Jordan and Justice wearing some of these awesome clothes

Friday, 3 August 2012

Chiefs Rugby Games

Today we dressed up in the Chiefs colours the, the Chiefs are a rugby team. We dressed up in our Chiefs colours to  support our Waikato rugby team the Chiefs because tomorrow we have a  really important game between the Chiefs and the sharks (the sharks are from South Africa) this game isTHE FINALS.


Thursday, 2 August 2012

Voki Challenge week 4

This weeks ‘where in the world’ Voki challenge was the site of an ancient event which happened every four years by the Greeks. This place was situated in a valley in Elis, in western Peloponnisos (Peloponnesus), through which runs the Alpheus River. It was not a town, but only a sanctuary with buildings associated with this ancient event and to worship the gods. This place was a national shrine of the Greeks and contained many treasures of Greek art, such as temples, monuments, altars, theatres, and statues.

Can you discover:

What are the photos of?  Where in the world would we find this place?

When was this place originally constructed?  Why is it now in ruins?

Why is it such a popular tourist destination?

What is it most well known for?

Any other interesting facts to share with the class?

Be prepared to share your  research on Friday.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Winning shield

Hi, this post is about the winning shield. Vardon School is getting a new website, and on that website there is going to be a TRUMP tab and Rm14 got chosen to have a shield representing TRUMP. Jacobs one won the vote so his shield will be on the tab. Here is a picture:

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